Be a protagonist in an intriguing detective story

Ten unusual characters, a game to experiment and an insidious crime: this is the setting!

TECUM will teleport and immerse you in the magical atmosphere of another epoch. Precisely, to the end of the 19th century. Once there, you will take on the roles of detectives who have been called on to investigate an intriguing murder case. A multi-layered plot with a sophisticated game-inside-a-game mechanism, you will be left alone to unravel this mysterious case that will demand the best of your intuition, problem solving and analytical skills!


Teamwork will be aid you to discover:

  • The motive
  • How the crime was carried out
  • The killer










Everyone who loves:

  • Detective stories
  • Brain puzzles
  • Challenging teasers
  • Investigative experiences

**Minimum age 14 years old. Not recommended for people sensitive to the game’s subject matter.





Minimum number of participants recommended 4 – max. 10 persons

Groups of less than 10 people could be joined by other players

Duration 2h 30 min (Time may vary slightly depending on how long the participants need to reach the crime scene).




TECUM takes place in an property equipped with video surveillance.

The use of mobile phones and electronic equipment is not allowed.

Photography is not allowed.

Sharing details and particulars of the story is not allowed due to intellectual property protection and the signing of a non disclosure agreement by all participants.

Participants can touch and examine everything in the property provided that this is done carefully and without forcing or damaging the objects.

The “bodies” can be frisked but not moved.

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